Beautyliner Group has developed a robotic treatment complex Robosculptor. Robotization of the process ensures high accuracy of the procedure, eliminates the human factor, and the cost is reduced by up to 40%.
Robosculptor – in-house development is a robotic complex consisting of a module structure, control screen and a treatment couch, a high-speed 3D scanner, and a robotic drive.
The Complex allows automatically carry out aesthetic and sports treatment, and after supposed to use this technology to perform lymphatic drainage treatment, preparation for operations and postsurgical care.
Controls human body through a high-resolution 3D camera with A.I.

In real time mode, it transmits the position of the body to the executive device and adjusts protocol of treatment lines to the position of the client.
Robosculptor’s features
Every year the world's population is growing faster than the number of highly qualified specialists. The current trend will lead to the fact that experienced professionals focus on those skills that cannot yet be automated, - notes Denis Ledenkov, CEO of Beautyliner Group, - in addition, during the treatment, procedure protocols are precisely controlled and patient confidentiality is respected. Not everyone is ready to let a stranger into his or her personal space.
Automation of the specialist's work

High accuracy of adherence to the protocols of the procedure

Taking into account individual characteristics

High requirements for the safety of human interaction

Continuous monitoring of the safe distance between humans and robotic systems

Body position control with a 3D camera

Comfortable atmosphere during treatment: air temperature, couches, background music and lighting

The system of automated preparation of the treatment complex and its disinfection
Administrator makes a check-up analysis of the patient.
Checking for contradictions
Selection of the appropriate program
procedure starts
How it goes